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Abstract Submission

We welcome abstract submissions for poster presentations in the following categories

Crystal Features and

Engineering Designs

Molecular Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Molecular Interaction, Molecular Simulation, Defect Engineering, Computational Modelling, Special Crystal Properties, etc.

Basic Fundamentals and

Theory Advancement

Phase Equilibria, Nucleation, MSZW, Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Population Balance Modelling, Crystal Growth Mechanisms, Multi-scale Modelling, etc.

Crystallization Process and

Particle Technology Innovations

Process Control, Particle Size Distribution, PAT, Process Intensification, Polymorph Control, Particle Synthesis, Nanotechnology, Particle Modification, Powder Rheology, etc

New Applications and

Transformative Approaches

Sustainability, Resource Recycling, Biomolecules, Crystalline Polymer, Biomineralization, Digitalisation, High Throughput Screening, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning, etc.

Poster Submission final Deadline: Friday 14th June
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