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Chong, Sam (She)

Sam is a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) at the University of Liverpool. She obtained her PhD in structural chemistry from the University of Birmingham, working with Dr. Maryjane Tremayne. Her doctoral research involved the development of evolutionary algorithms for structure determination of crystalline materials from powder diffraction data. She continued to carry out postdoctoral research on the impact of solvent on the crystalline forms adopted by pharmaceutical compounds, before moving into educational software development in the commercial sector. Sam joined the University of Liverpool as a postdoc in 2008, she received an International Union of Crystallography Young Scientist Award in 2015 for her work on structure-function studies of porous organic materials using PXRD. Sam joined the Materials Innovation Factory in November 2016. She is member of the Diamond Light Source Peer Review Panel. Her research focuses on the study of structure–function relationships in functional organic crystals and the development of efficient powder diffraction methods for accelerated materials discovery.

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