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Benyahia, Brahim (He)

Brahim Benyahia is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing at Loughborough University, UK. Currently a research leader in several academia-industry consortia, e.g., the EPSRC CMAC Hub, Digital Medicines Manufacturing research centre (DM2), and Innovate UK/ERC SusPharma - Merging Sustainable and Digital Chemical Technologies for the Development of Greener-by-Design Pharmaceuticals. He has nearly 15 years of research experience in high fidelity modelling and digital twins, advanced optimization and control, Model-Based Design of Experiments Artificial Intelligence, and Quality-by-Design, with a particular focus on crystallization and formulation of pharmaceuticals. He played a key role in the development of the world’s first End-to-End Integrated Continuous Pharmaceutical Plant in the $65 M Novartis-MIT project, USA.

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